Convertor for Android

Update History

Convertor is under active development; enhancements and bug fixes are actively being rolled out. Below you'll find a history of these updates, with a brief list of the changes which occurred in each.

If you installed Convertor through Google Play, Barnes&Noble, or the Amazon Appstore, you should receive notification of updates automatically. Otherwise, head on over to our Download page for a link to the latest and greatest.

Updates prior to version 5 shown in italics are applicable to Convertor Pro only. All other updates apply to both editions.

Version Date Summary of Changes
8.0 6 May 2015
  • New, Material-compliant app icon
  • Add Material Design options to UI Theme setting
  • Add Castilian traditional units for Area, Length and Weight
  • Add long tons-force to Force category
  • Add long tons, tons, kips, and ounces per square inch to Pressure category
  • Add femtoparsecs to Length category
  • Change Lithuanian Lita over to fixed-exchange rate
  • Fix bug in gauge millibars
  • Fix bug in conversion rate download from Bank of Canada
  • Fix layout issues on some tablets
  • Remove single-tap-to-select on unit fields
7.0 1 Sep 2014
  • Rename Data Storage and Bandwidth units for greater clarity
  • Add *bits to Data Storage
  • Add min/*byte to Bandwidth
  • Add cal/min and cal/sec to Power
  • Add miles/litre to Fuel Economy
  • Add US Survey Feet to Length
  • Add absolute & gauge scales to all Pressure units
  • Add the Saudi Riyal to Currency
  • Add kilotons & megatons to Energy
  • Refine conversion factor of TCE (Energy)
  • Fix bug in the display of Quads (Energy)
  • Fix bug: Convertor Free sometimes showing too few unit rows in landscape
  • Change to Amazon as in-app ad provider (Free only)
6.1 25 Apr 2014
  • Support single-tap to select category, or unit (on active unit row)
  • Remove "Use fractions" checkbox from unit selection dialog
  • Fix occasional crash when dis/enabling ads in settings (Free only)
  • Fix bug: "Hide action bar" setting visible on some Samsung devices w/o a hardware Menu button
  • Discontinue support for Android 1.6 (Donut)
6.01 21 Apr 2014
  • Special build for Samsung PVP (no other changes)
6.0 1 Feb 2014
  • Add Holo Light skin
  • Rework button graphics for Holo Dark
  • Add dynamic row-sizing to display/editing area
  • Add new fraction increments: 1/10, 1/20, 1/25, 1/50
  • User request: add ability "to turn categories on and off at will, preserving the unit selection"
  • User request: increase the font size of the unit display on the main screen (Android 4.x)
  • Brighten colors in app icon
  • Fix bug: Pro showing an upgrade message from the Category list
  • Fix bug: Category list in Settings not reliably updating count of enabled units
  • Currency exchange-rate fixes:
    • Improve handling of situations where some rates can't be downloaded
    • Show date of exchange rate for each currency
5.1 19 Jan 2014
  • Make "–" button always visible for Temperature category
  • Remove Latvian Lats from Currency (in the Eurozone since 1/1/14)
  • Standardize dialog title color
  • Fix bug: currency rates not downloading automatically
  • Fix bug in temperature: negative Celsius behaves differently than other temperature units
5.0.2 28 Dec 2013
  • Fix bug in zero currency editing when device locale uses a decimal separator other than "."
  • Fix bug: Settings window closing on device orientation change
5.0.1 26 Dec 2013
  • Fix crash bug in About screen when device language not set to English
5.0 21 Dec 2013
  • Migrate Convertor Lite to Convertor Free: optional ads enable full Pro functionality
  • Expand currency list: now includes 61 world currencies!
  • Add dry quart to Volume category
  • Add feet, mile, and km per minute to Speed/Velocity
  • Add lbf+ozf, tnf+lbf to Force category
  • Add a bunch of units to Bandwidth, such as TB/GB/MB/kB/bytes per min, hour, day
  • Add option to hide ActionBar on 3.0+ devices with hardware menu button
  • Update app icon
  • Standardize design of Settings screen across platforms
  • Reorganize About screen, and move into top-level menu
  • Catch Android 4.3 clipboard bug
  • Fix bug in Fortnight (Time Span category)
  • Fix some display glitches in Action Bar (Android 3+)
  • Fix display glitch on HVGA devices running running Android 4+
  • Fix bug: in Holo Dark skin, equals button goes black when main activity loses focus
  • Discontinue support for Android 1.6 (Free only)
  • Discontinue support for original Galaxy Tab 7
4.4 8 Aug 2013
  • Currency updates from ECB: remove Estonian Kroon, add Israeli Shekel
  • Add various units to Flow category
  • Add Minim to Volume category
  • Revert to calc buttons in landscape only as default
  • Fix incorrect conversion of Drop
  • Fix formatting issues on various less-common screens
  • Fix bug: equals and delete buttons incorrect after turning calc mode on/off
4.3 19 Feb 2013
  • Remove analytics (was never actually in Lite anyway)
  • Fix portrait font sizes on HDPI phones running Android 4+
  • Fix bug in chained calculations (e.g., 1+2+3) affecting certain units
4.2 10 Feb 2013
  • Add minim to Volume units
  • Add send-log functionality to About screen (Android 4.1+)
  • Show the current calculator state in the description of its settings item
  • Improve support for chained calculation operations, such as a+b+c
  • Fix conversion error in Volume unit Drop
  • Tweak font sizes on phones running Android 4.0+
4.1.1 19 Dec 2012
  • Bug fix: Holo Dark skin causing crash on Android 2.x devices
4.1 17 Dec 2012
  • Tweak font sizes for medium-size HD tablets
  • Accommodate system font size settings of Large and Huge
  • Improve support for multiple users on device (Android 4.2+)
  • Restyle ActionBar background (Android 3.0+)
  • Fix App Shop link in Lite on Nook HD devices
  • Discontinue support for Android 1.5 (Cupcake)
4.0 17 Nov 2012
  • Enable calculator buttons in both orientations by default
  • Move the delete button to the upper-right corner when calculator buttons enabled
  • Add Smoot as a unit of length
  • Fix bug on Android 4.1+: unable to enter numbers larger than 9999
  • Fix bug in dividing fractions
  • Fix error in mW calculation
  • Improve layout on Android 4 tablets
  • Update various icons for Android 3+
  • Remove incomplete translations
  • Update for compatibility with Nook HD and Kindle HD devices
3.0.1 21 Mar 2012
  • Fix bug: UI broken if system font size changed
  • Fix bug: fraction enable settings STILL not working
  • Fix discrepancy between cd⋅sr abbreviation and name (in Visible Light category)
3.0.0 17 Mar 2012
  • Add unit categories for Light, Luminance, and Illuminance
  • Add Chinese and Hong Kong units
  • Add some other new units
    • Area: Square Centimeters, Square Millimeters
    • Length: Barleycorns
    • Volume: Drop (Pharmaceutical), Pony
    • Flow: Cubic Meters per Minute
    • Speed: Meters per Minute
  • Add UI skins; Holo Dark is now the default on Android 3+ (Honeycomb/ICS)
  • Add option to place buttons on left in landscape
  • Add option for fixed decimal places
  • Improve category & unit menu/actionbar icons
  • Improve operation of copy/paste
  • Improve accuracy of Shoe Size conversions
  • Reorganize Settings screen
  • Add About screen (in Settings)
  • Fix bug: fraction enable settings weren't working
  • Fix keyclick support for Kindle Fire
2.6.2 11 Feb 2012
  • Support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Fix bug: calculator operations not working if device's locale doesn't use a period (.) as decimal separator
  • Fix force close error when process was stopped in the background with Settings activity open
  • Initial BlackBerry PlayBook release
2.6.1 18 Nov 2011
  • Support for XHDPI devices (like Galaxy Nexus and Note)
  • Add mesh to length units
  • Split bar (pressure) into gauge and absolute
2.6.0 21 Oct 2011
  • Add Radiation Exposure category
  • Change zero point of water-based Pressure units to 1 ATM (was 0 ATM)
  • Fix abbreviation of Foot-Pounds per Second (was ft-lb/m)
2.5.2 14 Sep 2011
  • Fix occasional roundoff errors in mixed units & fractions
  • Improve precision display logic in Pressure and Temperature categories
2.5.1 2 Sep 2011
  • Fix bug in pounds-per-gallon Density conversion: US/Imperial labels reversed
2.5.0 1 Sep 2011
  • Add Magnetic Flux and Density categories
  • Add points and picas to Length category
  • Add Brazilian sizes to Shoe category
  • Improve rounding behavior for multiplication & division
  • Fix text colors in some dialogs on NOOK Color
2.4.2 5 Jul 2011
  • Fix fraction round-up bug
  • Fix font size issue on Galaxy Tab 7
2.4.1 29 Jun 2011
  • Fix bug with European digit separators (broke in 2.4.0)
2.4.0 27 Jun 2011
  • Add support for digit grouping separators when editing large numbers
  • Add 1/24 as a supported fraction increment
  • Reinstate currency rate display (inadvertently deleted from v2.3.1)
  • Fix clearing behavior for some temperature & pressure units
2.3.2 13 Jun 2011
  • Fix formatting of units popup on some tablet devices
  • Fix calculation bug in certain units
2.3.1 11 Jun 2011
  • Decrease APK size
  • Fix free trial configuration for NOOK Color
2.3.0 8 Jun 2011
  • Change DEL button's auto-repeat to all-clear on long-press
  • Add support for mixed-unit calaculations (like miles + km)
  • Add NOOK Color support
2.2.0 6 Jun 2011
  • Add miles+yards as mixed unit
  • Add pferdestärke (metric horsepower), microbars, millitorrs
  • Add haptic feedback option
  • Improve clearing behavior of denominators
  • Improve calculator behavior
  • Improve tablet support
  • Fix bug: number of displayed digits sometimes wrong for currencies
  • Fix bug: button text white on some SE Xperia devices
2.1.0 28 Feb 2011
  • Add additional pressure units (psig, torr, etc.)
  • Fix bug: precision not handled correctly with non-. decimal separators
2.0.0 8 Feb 2011
  • Fractions!
  • Improve precision handling
  • Show list of categories at startup if app not opened in last 24 hours
  • Improve tablet support
  • Add Frequency category
  • Rename Money category to Currency
  • Numerous small bug fixes
1.4.5 11 Nov 2010
  • Improve display of negative mixed units (like -2ft 3in)
  • Tweak display formatting
  • Add derived FFF units
1.4.4 3 Nov 2010
  • Add support for large-screen devices
  • Improve license verification when offline
1.4.3 20 Sep 2010
  • Make category/unit selection dialogs more space-efficient
  • Fix possible memory leak
1.4.1 26 Aug 2010
  • Add Imperial fluid ounces
1.4.0 20 Aug 2010
  • Improve app startup speed
  • Add hints to main display
  • Remove autorepeat keyclick sound for delete
  • Add torque, moment of inertia, force, & shoe size categories
  • Add mach to Speed
  • Add license verification
  • Honor system-wide data connectivity setting
  • Add analytics disable option
  • Improve currency exchange rate download
  • Limit speed to c and temp to 0K
  • Various minor bug fixes
1.3.2 2 Aug 2010
  • Add litres/second to Flow
1.3.1 15 Jul 2010
  • Fix roundoff bug (1 football field = 299' 12")
  • Improve support of negative units again
1.3.0 2 Jul 2010
  • Add currency conversions
  • Add some inverse speed units, like minutes per mile
  • Improve support of negative units
  • Decrease size of APK (Lite only)
  • Various minor bug fixes
1.2.0 24 May 2010
  • Support "," as decimal separator
  • Support installation to SD card (Android 2.2+)
1.1.0 17 May 2010
  • Split into Pro/Lite versions
  • Improve trackball/dpad support
  • Make calculator buttons visually "sticky"
  • Make UK localizations work
  • Bug fix: copying text data caused force close
  • Bug fix: copy/paste keyboard shortcuts were reversed
1.0.1 17 May 2010
  • Fix keyclick sounds on autorepeat
1.0.0 21 Apr 2010
  • Initial public release